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Sunday, March 7, 2021

How to Get Google Adsense Approval With A New Blog


 Do you want to earn money on your website with the help of Adsense but your blog doesn’t currently qualify for Adsense then we are sharing some tricks with you.

Adsense is considered better than the rest of the advertising program because it pays better than everyone else. Many new blogger come in the field of blogging with the desire of Adsense account but they didn’t qualify for it get your blog doesn’t currently qualify for Adsense error every time. But it looks as easy as it is.

Every blogger’s dream is to have his Adsense Approve and he can earn some money from his website or blog. But before that, I want to tell you some important things.

Those who do not get approved, and facing your blog doesn’t currently qualify for Adsense problem then they must have to follow some rules. After knowing the Blogger Adsense approval trick, you will also find it easy. When I first tried for the first time, I also get failed.

After trying many times, I understood where my mistake was going on why many bloggers get your blog doesn’t currently qualify for Adsense error. If you follow all these Adsense approval tricks, then you will also get approval easily.

Your Blog Doesn’t Currently Qualify For Adsense Solution

If you are not able to get Adsense approval or your blog doesn’t currently qualify for Adsense then follow the following tips.

1. Write High-Quality Contents

To get the approval of Google Adsense, it is most important that your post or content should be very good. There are some qualities of a good post such as — Heading of the post should be correct, the content should be understood along with being good, and according to the category of your website.

Also, the written post should not be copied from any other website, the post should be complete and not half-complete, and every post should be at least 700–1000 words or words with correct grammar.

2. Blog Domain Age

As stated in the Adsense Guideline, your blog should be 6 months old, only then approval will be given but this is not true If your blog is professional type, then Google Adsense approval will be received in a few days.

I have seen many pro bloggers, its average Adsense approves within 1 week. If your content is quality and your content length is more than 500 words you will get easily approved in 1 month.

If your domain is old and you have written high-quality content then you will never face this error your blog doesn’t currently qualify for Adsense.

3. Privacy Policy, About Us and Contact Us Page, not on the website

First of all, it is very important to have a Privacy Policy, About Us, and Contact Us Page on the website. On the Privacy Policy page, you can explain to your website users about the policy or terms of use related to the use of your website.

In the About Us page, you can tell about your website as who you are, what facility people will get from your website. In the Contact Us page, you can enter your contact details like your email address, home address, or Telephone number.

This is most essential according to the policy of Google Adsense. Google Adsense in only three pages knows whether this blogger or website owner is properly professional or not. If these three pages are not on your website and you will apply for Adsense, then the first reason will be the reason for the rejection of your blog doesn’t currently qualify for Adsense.

4. Sufficient Contents or Posts

It is not written anywhere that so many posts are needed for your blog, you have to apply for Adsense. But it is necessary to have a sufficient post in your blog. If you don’t post sufficient post and apply for Adsense then you will get your blog doesn’t currently qualify for Adsense error

If you write a post of 300 words, then it is good to write at least 40–50post, and if all your contents are 500–700 words, then you will write 20 posts. The more words you write the content, the more chances of approval increase. So always pay attention to your content.

5. Don’t Write Illegal Content

Which topic your website is on, it matters a lot for Adsense Approval. What type of content does Adsense not approve of websites — websites with stolen content, porn or adult websites, websites with Hacking or Illegal tricks, or because of not supporting Adsense chosen language?

6. Do not use Copyright Materials

Many people still do not know what blogging is called. They copy from other’s websites and paste it on their website and call them Blog Post.

No! It is not called blogging, it is completely illegal. Google is very strict in such cases. If the website that is copying is not Google Adsense Approval, they are banned. So always post your own written articles.

7. Other Ad Networks

Like Adsense, there are many advertising networks. If your blog already has ads from the ad network, then remove them before applying. The chances of Adsense approval increase.

Although Google Adsense allows other reputed ad networks like to be published with their ads, the Adsense application removes all Ads Network ads at the given time. Due to unnecessary add, it violet policy and your blog doesn’t currently qualify for Adsense

8. User-Friendly Design

Your blog design should be user-friendly. This means that it is necessary to be mobile-friendly and along with that there should be navigation, through which any visitor can easily read your blog and go to the page they want.

Blog’s content as well as its design also contributes a lot to Adsense Approval. For this, there are some things to pay attention to — such as all category names should be there, ease of running, page speed should be good or open quickly.

9. Language Support

According to the guidelines of Adsense, it does not support all languages it just supports few languages such as Hindi, English, and many given .

10. You must be 18 years or older

Adsense is not intended for people under 18 years of age. Do not write your wrong age or date of birth while applying in Adsense by mistake. When you come to the right age, apply for Adsense Account.

11. Do not buy Visitor

Google prefers real and organic traffic, which comes from Google search results or from social media sites. You can also buy visitors for the traffic of your blog, but for that, you have to forget Adsense. Why Adsense does not like paid traffic. Because your Adsense account will be banned according to policy.

If 50 visitors come to your blog every day, then there is so much to apply to Adsense. You do not need to worry about the visitor. Because Adsense sees the quality of your site, not many visitors.

12. Buy a Top-Level Domain for Your Website

Buy a good domain for your website. The domain should be such that it explains the content of your website by the name of the domain itself. Just like my friend has a website blogging slogging by its name, it is known that on this website you will get a guide or information related to Blogging.

Your Blog Doesn’t Currently Qualify For Adsense Summery

If you want your account to be approved quickly, then take care of some words so that doubt will be clear regarding your blog and don’t currently qualify for Adsense.

1)if your website is new then you must have to publish at least 15 to 20 articles and articles must contain 500 to 700 words.

2) Be sure to create all the categories like About, Contact, Disclaimer, or Terms & Conditions page.

3) Don’t worry about the Visitor. You can apply in any number of visitors; just the quality of your posts should be good.

4) After applying Adsense, do not leave your blog like this. Keep posting something unique articles.

5) Only do a mobile-friendly design.

6) If you follow the above tips you will never get your blog doesn’t currently qualify for Adsense error


The application of Google Adsense is not so difficult to be approving if you maintain the points given in your website correctly, because Adsense wants to see these things on the website of every application publisher. Hope the doubt regarding your blog doesn’t currently qualify for Adsense get clear.

Share this post as much as you can if you think it is worth it and comment below if you have any queries regarding Adsense approval. Hope your blog doesn’t currently qualify for the Adsense problem solved.

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